We offer a full tree and arborist service.  Our tree surgeons all have relevant qualifications and experience in climbing techniques and follow industry best practice recommendations in regards of safety and tree care. We regularly carry out across Lincolnshire, Norfolk & Cambridge shire and the midlands.

We take care of obtaining the correct permission from your Borough council for any work needing to be carried out in a conservation area or on trees that have Tree Preservation Orders on them and do regularly carry out this type of work.

On completion of our work we pride ourselves on leaving your garden in a tidy manner, chipping arisings and either removing them or leaving on site for you to utilise in your garden. Timber can also be left on site or we can take it away for you.

Crown reduction is used to keep trees to a suitable or managable size
Crown cleaning is removing dead wood from the crown
Crown lifting is usually used to provide clearance under trees, for example over footpaths or driveways
Controlled dismantle is used when it is unsuitable to fell a tree due to its condition or location, for example near to a building
Directional felling
Crown thinning can be used to reduce sail effect on a trees crown
Pollarding is removal of all limbs to suitable growth points, leaving just the stem, this is suitable for only some species of trees
Formative pruning this is usually carried out to help the tree grow into the correct structure and removing potential future problems before they arise
Hedge trimming, reductions and removal all types of hedges, including leylandii and different techniques such as hand cut pruning

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